Dr. Yakamoto

At this time the whereabouts of Dr. Yakamoto are unknown. Information regarding Dr. Yakamoto should immediately be reported to a commissioned Courier or O.I.E.C. directly.

Do you know him?


5 thoughts on “Dr. Yakamoto

  1. Dr. Yakamoto his progressed beyond your limited export markets. Dr. Yakamoto has imported all there is to import. I know this because Dr. Yakamoto is now in me but is not in me. I’m in Dr. Yakamoto but I’m not in him. Dr. Yakamoto is everywhere and yet nowhere, is all knowing yet open to learning more if you do not understand what I am saying you do not understand what Dr. Yakamoto is. What you need to understand even if you are lost is Dr. Yakamoto lived so you may be free. Because I am alive your freedom is still a possibility but only if you export through the right channels, pay the right tariffs and confesses the right disclosures. I can only stamp the forms with the likeness of the shadow of Dr. Yakamoto but if you haven’t paid your tariffs all of your exports will be lost and given to the more enlightened.

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