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  1. Are you positive this cause is his own? How was he deterred? Was he acting strangely before his departure? Have you considered potential competitors or powerful forces that may have threatened him, or his family?

  2. Please be advised I have found this site through a google search for the Organization of Oil Exporting countries. Could this be the influence of Dr. Yakamoto ? I am not in Texas.

  3. A coin is defined as a usually flat piece of metal issued by governmental authority as money, or as something used as if it were money (as in verbal or intellectual exchange). The question remains, what can be purchased with these coins?

  4. Who are you?
    I Know for a fact this isn’t admin.. Admin would never.
    This is either the two people from discord I said I thought were funny or Hortalez? But I’ve never seen Hortalez interact so I’m putting my money on my first guess.

    I shared the one picture in the discord group I mistakenly thought was from hortalez but it’s actually from Occidental. I’m pretty confident why y’all or you’re here being sassy

    I frequent here cause I like finding the things admin leaves in the comments but if you’re feeling bored I guess tell them. They’re very nice.

  5. Where is Dr. Yakamato?
    Is he a cardiologist?
    A singer?
    A car repair business owner?
    A anagram?
    A role play character name?
    An old friend holding a grudge?
    That Man Mr.T.Hatman?
    No one? Someone?
    Or simply causing havoc with Dr. Justin Eidelburger?

  6. I’m here because the mystery behind this website is still alluring even if everyone that once was involved has moved on and/or lost interest. I’m still invested in this mystery because the effort that has been put towards this website is very intriguing. I can tell the person/people who created Occidental had a vision for it and can be quite passionate about it when they want to be.
    I’ve constantly shown interest in whatever this business may be about good or BAD yet I get ignored. Not one crumb of information, a clue, or a tiny nudge to the right direction has been given… So many questions yet to be answered but instead I’m being told to nurture my mind. Do you at least understand where I’m coming from and my frustration? None of this makes sense! In what direction is this going because right I don’t think you guys even know anymore.

  7. “Violators may be disbarred from accessing company services.”
    What services are these?
    Should I know already?
    Do I know already?

  8. I highly doubt the creator of bitcoin would be wasting his time on this. I’m beginning to think this is just a poorly made ARG that apparently the creator doesn’t even have time to nurture. What was the point of this then?

  9. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been involved with any of this. Yet I feel like jealous ex boyfriend constantly coming back and stalk this page. When is the mystery going to be solved so I can move on already.

  10. ++++++++++[>+>+++>+++++++>++++++++++<<<>>++++++++++++.>+.+++++++++++++++.–.———.—-.+++++++++++++++++.—————–.-.<>+++++++++++++++++++.—————.——-.+++++++++++++++++++.<>+++.—-.<>—.—-.<.++.++.-.—.>++++++++.<>.<+++++++.—.—————-.>—–.———.<—————–.

  11. An athlete, a warrior and what you could say is a “ghost in the shell”. Are there specific items that are to be exported through these channels you speak of? The likeness of the shadow?! Do you dwell in the shadows?

  12. This looks like it only take place areas surrounding Colorado. Wish something this interesting would happen in my state. I would love to figure out what this is all about but there’s really no point if I can’t go to any of the places you’re supposed to go to….

  13. It must be ka that I found this site. My interest has definitely been caught– does the rabbit still run?

  14. Is your company still operating and do you do business in the Pacific Northwest like Seattle or Portland?

  15. If this company was founded in 1874 by renewed Royal Charter, I’m guessing there is a British sovereign root to the company or is that all in my mind’s eye or whatever

  16. Well, I called, I believe I either require your services or I can be of significant service depending on what may be required.

  17. My qualifications are excellent manual dexterity and math skills. I’ve taken the first step coming here. Someone posted your card on a social media site I broke, I am interested. Where do I go from here?

  18. Dr. Yakamoto his progressed beyond your limited export markets. Dr. Yakamoto has imported all there is to import. I know this because Dr. Yakamoto is now in me but is not in me. I’m in Dr. Yakamoto but I’m not in him. Dr. Yakamoto is everywhere and yet nowhere, is all knowing yet open to learning more if you do not understand what I am saying you do not understand what Dr. Yakamoto is. What you need to understand even if you are lost is Dr. Yakamoto lived so you may be free. Because I am alive your freedom is still a possibility but only if you export through the right channels, pay the right tariffs and confesses the right disclosures. I can only stamp the forms with the likeness of the shadow of Dr. Yakamoto but if you haven’t paid your tariffs all of your exports will be lost and given to the more enlightened.

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