About O.I.E.C.

Founded in 1594 as House of Occidental, receiving Royal Charter in 1694 as the Occidental Import/Export Company, the O.I.E.C. has provided and continues to provide services worldwide.

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48 thoughts on “About O.I.E.C.

  1. Did Alice stop for a bite to eat? Going down what she thought was a staircase to a train, but found a place that of the looking glass?

  2. I’ve learned that when the Shit hits the fan, I can now utilize my spatula as a tongue depressor in a life or death situation. Thank you

  3. At this time there is no way to know when and where. However this may change. For now it is a matter of fate.

  4. I found a business card on UNM campus, I called the number and it brought me here, what’s next?

  5. What is your question? ‘Why was it in the cup?’ or should it be ‘Why did YOU find it?’ We’ll be watching you either way.

  6. We are House of Occidental. We would not consider ourselves elusive. But you are entitled to that opinion.

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